7 Tips to Create a Winning Email Marketing Campaign

7 Tips to Create a Winning Email Marketing Campaign

You may have heard a rumor that email marketing is dead. Well, I can assure you that is certainly not the case. In fact, 99% of consumers check their email every day and prefer email as their primary source of communication from brands. Email marketing is a great tool to use to connect and communicate with customers. It can be used to inform customers about new programs, collect feedback and surveys, promote new products, and advertising promotions.

While email marketing is a terrific tool to use to generate site traffic and leads, developing a winning email marketing campaign isn’t as easy as it looks. As with any marketing tactic, developing a strong strategy, vibrantly creative, and engaging content is key. With that in mind, here are 7 tips that can help you create a winning email marketing campaign and improve email performance.

Email Marketing Tips:

1. Don’t purchase email addresses or contact lists

When developing an email campaign, it’s important that your email list is made up of recipients that have provided consent (opted-in), to receive content from your company. This is required according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and failure to comply can harm your IP reputation, result in undeliverable emails, or lead to a penalty from your email service provider.

2. Abide by CAN-SPAM rules

CAN-SPAM (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing) is a law that establishes rules for commercial email, protecting consumers and allowing recipients to opt out of future emails. Essentially, CAN-SPAM is a guideline that all email marketers should follow when developing an email marketing campaign to ensure compliance with email regulations.

3. Write compelling but precise subject lines

The first thing a recipient reads when receiving an email is the subject line. Your subject line is important, and a great subject line can help your email to stand out against competing emails in a recipient’s inbox. So, what makes the subject line great? A great subject line is one that is compelling, clear, and concise. Enticing recipients with an action-oriented and exciting subject line can increase your email’s open and click-through rates.

4. Keep your emails concise

The best emails are those with appealing visuals and short, concise copy. As most consumers typically scan emails for essential information before taking action, it’s important to keep your emails short and compelling. Not to mention, too much copy can cause your email to be flagged as spam.

5. Include one call-to-action button per email

Since most consumers will scan your email rather than read all the copy, it is important that your email include one clear call-to-action button (CTA). Your CTA will determine what action recipients take upon scanning your email. For example, an email from a utility company about energy efficiency programs may feature a “Get Started” CTA button, directing customers to the landing page where they can sign up for available programs. A clear CTA button can increase your web traffic and leads.

6. Optimize your emails for mobile devices

The Apple iPhone is the most popular method for opening emails, followed by Gmail. Additionally, nearly 55% of global website traffic is generated from mobile devices. Now, more than ever, consumers rely on their mobile devices to access email and search online. With that in mind, it’s important to optimize your emails for mobile devices. Emails that aren’t mobile-friendly will result in a poor user experience, therefore increasing your bounce rate and negatively impacting your click-through rate.

7. Monitor email performance

When running an email marketing campaign, it’s imperative to track the performance of each email you launch. Reviewing metrics such as an email’s open rate and click-through rate can help you identify areas to focus on improving for your next email. Most importantly, your email metrics show how your target audience is interacting with your emails and can help determine if your strategy should be adjusted.

Overall, creating a winning email marketing campaign can be tricky. However, when it’s done right, it’s a great way to engage with customers, increase web traffic, and drive leads. All you need are a few helpful tips to get you started.


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