Bites by the Bay

Bites by the Bay

We all love lunch here at White Whale. Its one of our favorite times of the day. And no, not because we get a break from work – we love our clients! – but because we get to go out as a team and enjoy some of the best food Tampa Bay has to offer.

We are often asked our favorite restaurant around, and we are all unanimous in our answer: Woody’s.

Woody’s Famous Salads is a small, family-owned restaurant that’s been around since 1972. Nestled in a complex off of South Dale Mabry, Woody’s serves up some of the best soups, salads, and sandwiches this side of the Bay! One of our personal favorites? The lemon chicken with feta soup. An absolute must try! And BONUS, it’s served every day unlike some of their other delicious soups which are daily specials (so we suggest looking them up before you go).

Going to Woody’s is like a rite of passage for Whalers. After hiring, we always take our new employees or interns to celebrate at Woody’s, not just for the food but also because it represents all things we value at our company: family, comfort, hospitality and of course amazing food.

Lunch plans tomorrow? Trust us when we say GO TO WOODY’S! Also, say hi when you see us there.