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Fun Fridays

We are a team with a lot of the same interests who are all willing to try new and exciting things. And so, a staple in our company culture began: Fun Friday.

Bites by the Bay

We are often asked our favorite restaurant around, and we are all unanimous in our answer: Woody’s.

Healthy snacks to keep you creative

I wanted to know which snacks are the best options for sparking creativity, giving you energy, keeping you going.

Creating an Enjoyable Office Environment

At White Whale, we know you have to work hard to succeed. We also know that it’s important to balance that work with having fun and staying lighthearted.

NJNG Lead Generation Forms

The result was increased response, a seamless customer experience, and a very satisfied customer.

Internship Retrospective

Starting as an intern you get to learn the different positions and tasks that employees work on.

Office Ninja

There was ALWAYS something to do. I took on many different responsibilities and was given the nickname “office ninja” for my adaptability and efforts.