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The Designers of Whale

The Designers of Whale

The Unique Art Styles of our Whale Team

At Whale, we have a team of incredibly talented art directors and designers; each with their own unique art style. All of them work hard to design creative assets that are out of the box, exciting, and valuable. One of our favorite things about our art directors and designers is how their personalities and individual artistic styles add to the creative pieces made at Whale. We asked our art directors and designers at Whale to put together a mood board that represents who they are, what inspires them, and their artistic style.

Taylor | Art Director

Taylor’s mood board is the perfect mix of dark and light. The camera represents Taylor’s talent and passion for photography, and the Pantone colors were chosen to represent some of her favorite things: Bayshore Strolls and Dogs!

Sydney | Art Director

Sydney’s art style is cute and colorful, with assortments of yellows, oranges, greens, and purples. It feels like baking cookies on a cozy, rainy day; or what a trip to the bookstore feels like. The Pantone color choice, “Lavender Haze,” perfectly represents her love for Taylor Swift.

Gisselle | Art Director

Gisselle’s mood board features Hello Kitty and lots of pinks. It’s super cute and even a bit nostalgic. A fun fact about Gisselle is that she always has the most adorable and most fun nail designs and her mood board reminded me of her immediately. She incorporated all the colors she chose in such a cute way.

Rebekah | Art Director

Whenever I think of Rebekah, I think of sunshine! In her mood board, she incorporated her favorite colors, while adding some of the most beautiful pieces of Florida. The flamingos, beach umbrellas, and ocean perfectly exemplify her style and personality.

Jessica | Senior Art Director

Jess’ mood board focuses mainly on neutral tones, with pops of neon yellow in between. It feels a bit Western in a modern way, and the neon smiley face displays Jess’ fun, warm, and excitable personality!

Our art directors and designers are all incredibly talented, and we feel so lucky to have such phenomenal people on our team. Their own unique personalities and styles make Whale even better every single day.

Their hard work and creativity always set us apart. We whaley love you and appreciate everything you do! To see some more of our designer’s incredible work, visit our Instagram.

Whale Swag

Whale Swag

Swag: an easy way to benefit your brand

Have you ever thought as swag as an easy way to benefit your brand? By definition, “swag” is branded merchandise that is made to promote your brand or unite your company, and then given away for free (Forbes, 2022). In the corporate world, swag is often misconstrued as cheap freebies that will eventually go in the trash, but that does not have to be the case – especially with Whale. As a full-service marketing agency, we could name countless reasons to have swag, but two of the most important to understand are brand recognition and company culture.

Brand Recognition

Swag can act as “free” advertising. Someone wearing a crewneck or backpack with your logo is a walking billboard bringing your brand to life. Unlike many forms of marketing, it is tangible, which means it can be more personal and valuable. Positive brand recognition is a result of being intentional with your swag. According to a study conducted by Promotional Products Association International, 72% of consumers surveyed believed that the quality of a promotional product equates to the reputation of that company. In other words, high-quality swag makes your brand seem high-quality, and low-quality swag makes your brand seem low-quality. Not all swag has to be basic, especially with Whale. How to stand out from all the other shirts and tchotchkes is through quality and design. Having your logo is a great start, but adding patterns and graphics to swag can showcase your brand identity.

Company Culture

Swag is great to hand out to prospects, but it can also help cultivate company culture in the workplace. As an employer, it shows your employees that you are investing in them and recognize them as valuable members of your team. Whether you are gifting swag to a new or existing employee or client, this simple gesture has the potential to spark a stronger loyalty and connection to your brand. Bundled kits are one of our favorite ways to deliver internal swag – for example, a custom card, shirt, tumbler, notebook, and pen. However, you can get more “outside of the box” with items like speakers, tote bags, and yoga mats.

Getting Started

At Whale, we make swag that is impactful on company culture and brand recognition, not forgotten about. Flip through our Swag Guide e-book to skim the surface of what is possible with our team and contact us to get started!