Certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise

Certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise

White Whale Solutions is now a Certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise
We are excited to announce that White Whale Solutions is now certified as a Women-Owned Business Enterprise by the State of Florida. It’s an achievement that’s been years in the making, and we’re proud to officially be recognized as a champion of diversity.

Leadership is the Power to use your Voice for Good
For several years, women have played a vital role on our leadership team — and it isn’t by accident. Inclusivity is a core value that drives our business, from influencing everyday actions to guiding our vision for the future.

We’re officially a women-owned business today, but we’ve been women-led for a long time. We look forward to many more years of growing our enterprise under the direction of strong women leaders.

Our Team
From management to creative designers and account coordinators, the White Whale team features awesome, hardworking, successful women in every facet of our organization.

Alongside the Whale women are outstanding Whale men, too. And together we make an incredibly powerful team!

We couldn’t have achieved this milestone without everyone involved, and we’re proud to be a group of individuals who value diversity and support the elimination of gender bias in the workplace.

Why Support Women-Owned Businesses?
Partnering with a women-owned business is about investing in women’s empowerment, supporting gender parity, and building colorful communities that work for everyone.

Build a better, fairer, and more-inclusive future for the women of tomorrow by giving women the power to lead today.

Join us in our Diversification Efforts
A big reason why we’re so pumped about this certification is because it brings us one step closer to reaching our near and long-term diversification goals.

White Whale Solutions is determined to create an inclusive and diverse environment both internally and externally. We want to provide opportunities and advancement for women and minorities within our organization and partner with other businesses striving to do the same.

Now that our accomplishments are official, we can open up dialogs with clients and future partners to help others reach their diversity goals, too.

Moving Forward
Our day-to-day will remain the same now that we are officially certified. We just wanted to share this fantastic news with you. Count on the entire White Whale team to continue kicking butt and running successful campaigns to meet your goals!

Have any questions or want to learn more about our certification? We’re always here to chat!
Please email Katie Long, our Strategy Director, at katie@whitewhalesolutions.com.