Creating an Enjoyable Office Environment

Creating an Enjoyable Office Environment

At White Whale, we know you have to work hard to succeed. We also know that it’s important to balance that work with having fun and staying lighthearted. Here are a few ways that we like to keep our office environment enjoyable.


We love to show off our personalities in our own spaces. Art is an easy way to bring in some fun while showing off your interests. Whether you love travel, anime, unicorns, pop culture, art is the way to go! Some of our favorite places to shop for art are Society6, RedBubble and Etsy.

Another great way to step up with decoration is plants! Plants bring some life into the office, while also offering some health benefits (depending on the plant). We have multiple plants in the office, and although it can be a struggle to keep them alive, we love having them.


We have a whole cabinet full of snacks! Each employee gets to choose a snack to have stocked at all times. It keeps everyone happy knowing they don’t have to run out to grab something, especially if it’s a day of meetings which happens often around here!


When you have a job where you are sitting most of the time it is important to find ways to stay active. Once a month, we have a company yoga session where we get to stretch and relax.

Happy Hour

If your team is over 21, you can enjoy office happy hours like we do! We incorporate Thirsty Thursdays into our company culture. Every Thursday at 4:30pm (EST) we sit down with the team, open a beer and talk about what’s going on at White Whale. It’s a fun way to catch up and stay updated on everyone’s projects.

There are so many other exciting things we do, and we are always incorporating new activities into our culture.

Whale on!