Effective Marketing Strategies for Energy Efficiency Programs

Whale works with utilities across the country, developing and executing successful marketing campaigns. We specialize in energy efficiency marketing tactics for our natural gas clients. Whether you’re looking to spread awareness for your programs or increase leads, we have a marketing campaign strategy for you!

Are you marketing all programs?

Our team has experience with residential and commercial energy efficiency marketing campaigns. Let’s start with the basics. First consider your program year goals. We start with gaining an understanding of your program year goals, both residential and commercial. From there, we analyze your marketing budget and determine the best ROI for your marketing dollars. We have experience with programs such as Direct Install, Prescriptive & Custom, Quick Home Energy Checkups (QHEC), Weatherization, Home Performance with Energy Star (HPwES), Heating and Cooling and much more!

Are you utilizing a multi-channel marketing approach?

Our energy efficiency campaigns incorporate direct mail, email marketing, paid ads, SEO and website development. It’s important to reach your potential target markets at every possible channel. Most recently, Whale executed a multi-channel marketing campaign targeting Overburdended Communities (OBC) with a Quick Home Energy Checkup (QHEC). Whale designed an eye-catching and informative direct mail letter and email. By executing multiple tactics, the client was able to generate more leads into their QHEC program. Your possibilities are endless with Whale marketing tactics!

Are you taking advantage of paid ads?

Whale executes effective marketing campaigns utilizing digital platforms such as Facebook, Google, Bing and YouTube. Our lead generation ads on Facebook, combined with Google Display and Google Search efforts have increased client leads by 50% YOY. We also execute strategies for limited time promotions such as smart thermostats. On holidays our clients love to promote smart thermostat promotions on platforms such as Facebook and Google. Whether you’re looking to raise awareness of energy efficiency programs or generate program leads, we have a results-oriented strategy catered to you.

Are you targeting your customers effectively?

We understand the importance of targeting the correct audiences and generating quality program leads. Our clients use custom audience lists in platforms such as Facebook, Google and Bing to target customers effectively. Our data experts are also available to audit your customer lists for direct mail campaigns and segment specified groups for campaigns. In 2022 Whale executed a multi-channel marketing campaign for a Weatherization Program and was able to generate quality moderate-income leads into the program. Make sure you’re maximizing marketing dollars and reaching the most effective audiences.

Are you optimizing campaigns?

Our marketing campaigns are monitored daily. A live digital dashboard is setup at the beginning of all campaigns to track the results in real-time. For direct mail, QR codes, CallRail and USPS Informed Delivery results are also frequently monitored by the Account Team. It’s important to know how your campaign is performing and to optimize when necessary.

Are you interested in marketing your energy efficiency programs?

With Energy Efficiency Day right around the corner, now is the time to think about your campaign tactics! Our team is here to guide you every step of the way, from strategy to execution. White Whale has been executing energy efficiency marketing campaigns for our clients for 10+ years. We are here to help you increase awareness of your commitment to helping your customers save energy and money.  Give us a shout here!

Not ready to take the plunge yet?

That’s totally okay. Test out our marketing initiatives with a one-day EE Day campaign! Our proven-to-work digital campaigns include an enticing design concept and copy. Our targeted approach utilizes your current customer database. You’ll see results in just ONE day. Previous EE Day campaigns have garnered over 160 program leads, 63,300 impressions, 240 Facebook link clicks, 3,400 landing page views and 2,000 email clicks. We have a turnkey solution for you. Reach out today for a seamless energy efficiency campaign strategy and start seeing results in just ONE day!