Fun Fridays

Fun Fridays

At Whale, we make it our mission to successfully balance work and play. Luckily, we are a team with a lot of the same interests who are all willing to try new and exciting things. And so, a staple in our company culture began: Fun Friday.

Once a month, one of our employees is in charge of hosting a Fun Friday. This person gets to choose an event (within a set budget) that we the whole team gets to participate in. Fun Friday is a way for each person to share their interests with the rest of the team, who in turn may go out of their comfort zone and try something they wouldn’t have before.

We have done a number of fun and amazing things that you’ll hear about another time because we think that this month may have just landed a place in the top five Fun Fridays of all time, as our co-worker chose (drumroll please) … An office frat party!

Yes! We had beer. We had pizza. We played board games, beer pong, flip cup, and trivia, What Do You Meme and we won prizes.

What else did we win? An absolutely priceless team building experience.