Fun Team Culture

Fun Team Culture

Who says you can’t have fun at work?

At White Whale, we are always trying to create an enjoyable employee experience. For example, we just participated in “The Office” themed Halloween party. Each employee got a budget to come up with a creative costume within the given theme. Naturally, I gravitated to Dwight and was able to piece together my costume with excitement. The entire office came up with the best costume ideas from Golden Face to Angela dressed in her penguin suit. 

Staying in character, we played “That’s What She Said,” White Whale edition. We submitted common phrases said by each employee throughout our office and had to guess who said what. After that, we played charades and heads up. It’s safe to say we work hard and play harder.

There is always a different event to look forward to here in the office. Sometimes it’s fun parties such as our Halloween party, and sometimes it’s lunch with our entire crew. Either way, it is a nice perk to have something to look forward to. We are always looking for new ways to get to know one another on a more personal level. 

Our culture here in the office is very unique. We are a close-knit group, and we work very hard to keep morale high. We strive to maintain a fun culture in the office since it’s where we spend most of our time. We aren’t just employees; we are family.