Increased Conversions with a Decreased Budget

Increased Conversions with a Decreased Budget

One of the best things about digital marketing is its ability to be optimized at a minute level on a daily basis. Unlike traditional marketing, where we create an ad that sits on a billboard, television spot, magazine, or mail piece – digital marketing can evolve and change even after the ads have already been launched.

This was important to our clients at American Gas Lamp Works. Our campaign began in March 2019, the beginning of their Spring busy season. We started with a $4,500 monthly budget across all digital platforms so that we could enter the competitive channels with multiple ads that were relevant to a selective audience during a very specific time.

We garnered good results during the first 2 months of our campaigns. We increased conversions by 10% and our digital metrics, such as price per lead, cost per click, and click-through rate were all well below the industry average.

As we entered May and the beginning of our client’s slowest season of the year, we drastically decreased our budgets to accommodate for expected slower sales. Our total monthly budget was now $1,500 across all digital channels.

Despite the decrease in budget, our digital team was determined to continue our process of learning and optimizing. We utilized retargeting campaigns and funnel marketing to hyper-target our audience so that we only paid to reach a specific set of highly interested people. From May – July, we continued to see an upward trend in not only our digital metrics but our conversions and leads as well.

Digital marketing is not successful because of budget or even creative. Digital marketing is successful when campaigns are given the time to test, learn, and optimize repeatedly so that hyper-specific audiences can be discovered resulting in ad creation and placement right in front of the people most likely to convert!