Make Work From Home, Work For You!

Make Work From Home, Work For You!

As times continue to change so does Whale; with one of the biggest changes being the flexibility to work from home. Over the past year, our employees have been in and out of the office, working from home, working from coffee shops, working from wherever their brain best works!

With the ability to work from home comes the responsibility to stay productive. With a team who shows their dedication day in and day out no matter what state they’re in or what couch they are sitting on, we’ve developed a few tips and tricks to doing so in your workplace as well.

Act the Part

As easy as it may be to wake up and start working from bed, ultimately, this will make your workday harder and less productive. Try to stick to your routines as best as possible. Continue to set your alarms, wake up on time, make your cup of coffee, and go. This way you are consistent with your routine and it’ll make going into the office the next day that much easier.

Take Breaks

Sometimes it’s easy to log on early, stay on late, and take your laptop to your kitchen for lunch with you. However, this isn’t allowing you time to take a brain break. Just like you would take your normal lunch break when you’re in the office, continue to do so when you’re working from home. Make sure you are stepping away to let you be your most productive self when you are at your computer.

Limit Distractions

Your home is filled with distractions from the laundry piling up in the corner to the dirty dishes waiting to be washed to your pet that wants to be loved. When working from home these distractions are consistently in your face wanting to pull your attention away from the computer screen. Instead of letting these tasks build up, continue to go about your normal routine of cleaning the dishes after dinner and going for your morning walk with your dog. This way when you are working, that’s what your mind is focused on.

Build a Space You Love

To promote productivity, set up a space that makes you feel comfortable. Whether this is in your makeshift office or kitchen table, you need the space to spread out and the quietness to focus. With the structure of knowing where you will have your next meeting, you calm your anxiety and build a space that works for you.

Be Communicative

If working from home isn’t for you then let your boss know. At Whale, we have a flexible work from home policy that allows our team members to work from home, but also the ability to come into the office. Do what’s best for you and your team and make sure to communicate about it.