Office Ninja

Office Ninja

A little over a year ago, I joined a marketing internship course at USF that brought me to White Whale. I remember receiving the call that I had gotten the job and it started off as, “We’re sorry to inform you…but…you got the job!”

A few weeks into the internship and I felt like I was working on a million things at once. There was ALWAYS something to do. I took on many different responsibilities and was given the nickname “office ninja” for my adaptability and efforts. My coworkers and boss always joked on the fact that I was quiet, but in reality, I was just incredibly nervous to step out of line considering that the top intern would be offered a full-time job. One of the first projects I assisted on was creating a site for a cyclist in Tampa that had FSHD, a rare muscle disease. I remember meeting the client and jotting down as many notes as possible to take back with me. At the completion of the project, I felt so much pride to see the site go live and in full function.

Through the course of the internship, I noticed that this company was unlike any other I had been at. First off, it began at my boss’ office…in his backyard. We later moved at a shared space as our company began to grow and accept more employees and clients. Everyone was always incredibly friendly and willing to teach, but once something was taught, it was expected to be remembered.

I was offered a full-time job and quickly got handed clients to work with. The first of many was NJNG, a natural gas utility located in New Jersey. I was forced out of my comfort zone as I had to speak and present to the client regularly over the phone and meet them in person. Additionally, I was managing their digital campaign plus the campaigns of about three other clients. Overwhelmed and anxious, I had a talk with my boss who noticed that the work was cracking down. After consolidation and consideration, my boss adjusted my projects to show me that the world wasn’t going to end if I missed a step. It took a few weeks, but all projects fell into their space, and the addition of new interns helped relieve extra work from our shoulders.

Today, I have made incredible friendships with my coworkers and continue to work with many clients. Sometimes the stress is overwhelming, but being able to enjoy my experiences with the team makes it all worth it.