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The Strategic Minds Fueling Your Success

We're a crew of marketers who love to navigate uncharted territories, fueled by creativity and determination. Hard work is our compass, and play is our anchor. Challenges are opportunities for our team to innovate, and in between, we have a soft spot for pizza and doughnuts.


David Waldron


Holly Waldron

VP of Account Operations

Katie Lofgren

Director of Operations

Jeff Riedel

Director of Digital Strategy

Reese Sterns

Digital Manager

Amanda Hamilton

Director of Data Strategy

Keith Slone

Account Director

April Harbison

Account Executive

Emily Caslow

Account Director

Kaitlyn Bonfield

Account and Sales Director

Linwood Butler

Senior Account Manager

Whitney Ortiz

Senior Account Manager

Corina Woodson

Senior Account Manager

Jessica Gardner

Account and Sales Development Manager

Bella Ponticello

Account Manager

Anna Bligh

Account Manager

Nicole Attai

Corporate Communications Analyst I

Drayden Zaring

Senior Art Director

Jessica Hewins

Art Director

Gisselle Cardel

Art Director

Rebekah Wilkins

Art Director

Taylor Pascale

Art Director

Sydney Zerbe


Mike Airhart


Amy Wright

Web Developer

Ken Scherer

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