A Cross-Channel Marketing Success: Dynamic Conversion Campaign for a Midwest Natural Gas Utility


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Executive Summary

Whale has partnered with this midwest utility for over 5 years to help strategize and execute a campaign to entice prospective customers to switch their home energy source to natural gas. This case study specifically highlights the campaign efforts performed in 2023, in which Whale’s marketing approach included a database build, direct mail deployment and paid media placement via Google Search, Google Display, and Facebook/Instagram.

Client Overview

This utility provides electric and natural gas services to over 1 million customers and is committed to providing safe, reliable, and affordable energy services to the communities they serve.

Campaign Objectives

Develop an innovative and cost-efficient campaign to drive high-quality leads to a designated landing page and call center. Ultimately, the goal was then for these leads to convert to natural gas.

Whale Strategy

Our approach began with the development of a meticulously curated prospect database to ensure we were targeting the right audience and marketing more heavily to prospects we identified as more likely to convert to natural gas (based on behaviors of past convertors). From there, we employed a multi-channel marketing strategy, combining the reach of direct mail with the efficiency of paid digital ads. These efforts directed prospects to a designated landing page and a dedicated phone line where they could learn more about natural gas and inquire about converting.

Whale Deliverables

Profile Analysis & Database Build: Profiles of past conversion customers were created and their findings were used to build and tier a targeting database of prospects who were most likely to convert to natural gas.

Creation of (1) Direct Mail Postcard: Postcard was designed within client’s brand standards and contained compelling content highlighting the benefits of natural gas and a strong call-to-action.

Creation of (2) Versions of Digital Ads: Ads were created for Google and Facebook and the creative was refreshed halfway through the campaign to avoid creative fatique.

Strategy Development: Creation of channel strategy, drop schedules, creative & copy strategy, and overall marketing management.

Tracking & Optimization: Compiled monthly tracking presentations and performed ongoing channel and targeting optimizations to ensure campaign success.

Success and Results

Over the course of 5 months, our efforts yielded exceptional results.

1,264 Total Leads

27% Lead Increase Compared to 2022

83% Increase in New Users

on the Landing Page

47% Increase in Pageviews

on the Landing Page

Future Plans & Optimizations

As we continue our partnership into 2024, Whale is positioned to spearhead yet another compelling conversion campaign. Currently, Whale is diligently engaged in revitalizing the prospect database and conceptualizing innovative creative for the upcoming 2024 campaign launch.

Whale is set to deploy a dynamic mix of traditional and digital channels, reinforcing its commitment to driving success. Postcards will be dispatched to the audience, as well as a mix of digital ads on Google Search, Bing Search, and Google Display. Notably, the campaign will introduce two novel tactics – the personalized impact of letters and the hyper-local reach of Nextdoor ads.

Building on past insights, Whale is tailoring its targeting approach for each channel, acknowledging the unique nuances that maximize effectiveness. Direct mail efforts will be intensified towards prospects in elevated tiers, identified as more likely to convert to natural gas. Meanwhile, in the digital space, Whale’s strategy involves customized targeting where some ads will target only prospective emails, while others will strategically integrate both emails and household addresses.

This collaboration stands as a testament to the dynamic synergy between the two entities, continually evolving strategies to achieve mutual success.

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