Empowering Communities: A Journey of Strategic Growth Through Multi-Channel Marketing for Low-Income Programs


Natural Gas Utility


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Executive Summary

This case study delves into the successful collaboration between Whale and a natural gas utility spanning over ten years. Through a meticulous multi-channel marketing approach, Whale has played a pivotal role in boosting participation in low-income programs, specifically the Energy Share Assistance (ESA) and California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE). The partnership has not only achieved steady growth but has also showcased the art of utilizing diverse channels, including email blasts, digital ads, microsite development, and continuous data file analysis for targeting.

Client Overview

This prominent utility company is committed to delivering clean, safe, and reliable natural gas to communities. With a focus on social responsibility, this company actively engages in programs like ESA and CARE to support low-income households in managing their energy costs effectively.

Campaign Objectives

This natural gas utility strives to increase participation in its ESA and CARE programs, aiming for 90% enrollment in the CARE program, and weatherizing 1,800 homes through the ESA program by the end of 2023.

Whale Strategy

Whale’s strategy involved a comprehensive multi-channel marketing approach. This included targeted email campaigns, strategic placement of digital ads, development and optimization of a dedicated microsite, and daily and weekly data file analysis. This strategy allowed for real-time adjustments and ensured maximum effectiveness in reaching the low-income households year over year.

Whale Deliverables

Our services included strategic timeline and budget planning, content creation for email campaigns and digital ads, microsite development and maintenance, and data analysis. The deliverables comprised engaging and informative content and messaging through emails, visually appealing digital ads, a user-friendly microsite, and regular analysis of customer data for this utility to utilize for targeting.

Success and Results

The results of Whale’s multi-channel marketing approach have exceeded the commission goal year over year.

Over 7,000 interest form submissions

for the ESA program.

Over 1,800 weatherized homes

per year, continually exceeding the yearly goal.

100% of qualified customers

enrolled in CARE year-over-year; exceeding the 90% goal.

Future Plans & Optimizations

As of the latest update, the partnership between Whale and this natural gas utility remains active and productive. The CARE program continues to thrive, and the ESA program has seen unprecedented interest. Future plans include further optimization of marketing channels, continued data analysis to enhance targeting, and exploration of innovative strategies to sustain and amplify the current success, which includes optimization of the Hispanic customer user experience.

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