Amalie Arena

Putting the Biscuit in the Basket

White Whale was commissioned to redesign the Ford’s Garage and all other HPOC menu boards inside Amalie Arena, home of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Being the brilliant marketers we are, we immediately thought: hey, let’s put pictures of the food on the boards. Really, really juicy, delicious pictures that will get even the most die-hard Southern barbeque purist’s mouth watering for Italian Sausage.

The hamburgers look like what your taste buds find when they die and go to heaven. The grilled cheese is literally dripping, and the caramel corn is magically delicious. And, just as a side note, this required very little styling and photoshoping, as the food really is pretty awesome. Seriously, it is.

We gave everything texture, dimension, and warmth. We invited folks to savor the flavor and sink their teeth in.

Did we mention we did it, like, in-a-greased-puck-on-fresh-ice fast? Which is quite a feat when it comes to design, photography, approvals, production, and so on. But we pulled it off. We, well, put it in the back of the metaphorical net.