Amplifying Impact: Crafting a Compelling Brand Book to Drive Awareness and Fundraising


Global FICCS


Brand Book



Executive Summary

In a strategic collaboration with Global FICCS (Foundation for International Cardiac and Community Services), Whale undertook the mission of elevating awareness and enhancing fundraising efforts. Our solution came in the form of a meticulously crafted 22-page brand book, thoughtfully designed for digital display and print distribution at their annual fundraising event. Commencing with immersive discussions and creative brainstorming sessions, our team presented three distinctive theme concepts. Global FICCS chose an identity that resonated with their mission and impact, shaping the chosen theme into a comprehensive and actionable brand book.

Client Overview

Global FICCS, headquartered in Chicago, IL, is a non-profit organization passionately committed to educating, elevating, and empowering young women in resource-limited settings in Kenya. By breaking the cycle of poverty, Global FICCS opens doors for these young women to realize their full potential, catalyzing positive transformations within their communities.


The primary objectives included amplifying awareness of Global FICCS’s mission and impact. The ultimate goal was to inspire individuals to support the organization, through donations or partnership product purchases; with a particular focus on highlighting the significant contribution of Enda, whose product sales directly support Global FICCS initiatives.

How The Services Helped

Whale’s comprehensive branding services played a pivotal role in empowering Global FICCS to achieve their objectives. Through collaborative discussions and creative brainstorming sessions, we delved deep into the organization’s ethos, understanding its mission and impact. Crafting three distinct theme concepts allowed Global FICCS to choose an identity that resonated authentically with their goals. Our team then translated the chosen theme into a compelling 22-page brand book. This meticulously designed book served as a powerful tool for both online distribution and tangible impact at their annual fundraiser. By seamlessly blending creative vision with strategic insight, Whale not only enhanced Global FICCS’s visual identity but also provided a narrative that effectively communicated their mission, ultimately bolstering awareness and fundraising efforts. Our partnership illuminated the vital role of Global FICCS in transforming the lives of young women in Kenya, offering a beacon for support and solidarity.

Benefits of a Non-Profit Brand Book

A well-crafted brand book for a non-profit organization such as Global FICCS holds numerous benefits that extend beyond its visual appeal. Firstly, it serves as a comprehensive and accessible resource for conveying the organization’s mission, impact, and goals, fostering a deeper understanding among stakeholders, potential donors, and the public. The book becomes a tangible representation of the non-profit’s values, creating a lasting impression that can significantly enhance brand recall and recognition. Furthermore, it serves as a powerful tool for fundraising, presenting a compelling narrative that motivates individuals to contribute to the cause. By combining strategic storytelling with visually engaging design, a non-profit brand book becomes a key asset in building credibility, attracting support, and driving positive change within communities.