Arbor Oaks

Another pristine case study for branding and image creation is our social media campaign for Synergy Properties’ Arbor Oak Communities.

For most families, convincing aging parents to give up their homes and move into assisted living facilities can be challenging, at best. Understandably so. Pretty sure we’ll all be stubborn about that when the time comes, but for many people, it’s essential for their health and wellbeing. It needs to happen.

So how do you smooth that transition? How do you plant the seed, nurture it, and wait for your loved one to come to the blooming conclusion that assisted living is the way to go? And how do you convince family members you’ve got the right place for their loved one?

Simple: with a consistent organic social media drip of images and information establishing Arbor Oaks as the area’s most desirable community for seniors.

For the potential residents, you talk about home cooked meals, fun outings, and independence. For the family, you highlight medication management, memory care, and post helpful stories about how to transition family members to assisted living. You let everyone know this is a family owned company that cares deeply about their residents and their loved ones.

You tell both audiences, repeatedly, that these communities will be where you’ll feel right at home.

All this together, and shared between people who know and trust each other, establishes a powerful presence, and, in turn, a strong brand that comes to mind when families start facing these important and challenging choices.