Bulk Nation

Building Engagement in Bulk

Truth is, American shoppers are all about packaging. We like things wrapped, wrapped, and then wrapped again. Excess packaging is as American as apple pie. So how do you get people to break the packaging habit and buy food in bulk? You make it fun. You give bulk a personality. You talk about freshness, selection, and getting exactly what you want.
You give them ideas:

Tailgate in bulk. Bulk does barbecue. How to throw a beautiful party. Boo in bulk for Halloween.

And, well, that’s exactly what White Whale Solutions did for Bulk Nation.

We built a voice and personality for Bulk Nation in the social stratosphere that cultivated curiosity, inspired interest, issued an invitation, and made coming into Bulk Nation an adventure.

Guess what? It worked. We increased engagement across all social media platforms.

Guess What? It worked.

We reduced the number of dreaded email unsubscribers by 47 percent in one month

bulk-nation-1 bulk-nation-2