Celebrating AutismUp’s 20th Year with a Distinctive Theme and Logo Mark




20th Anniversary Campaign



Executive Summary

In celebration of AutismUp’s 20th anniversary, Whale assisted the non-profit in developing their commemorative theme. The process began with immersing ourselves in the organization through collaborative discussions and creative brainstorming. From there, our team crafted three theme concepts, allowing AutismUp to choose an identity that encapsulated two decades of impact. The chosen theme, coupled with a finalized tagline and a suite of visually striking elements, has set the stage for a standout commemoration, reinforcing AutismUp’s presence throughout the year.

Client Overview

AutismUp is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of individuals with autism and their families, fostering an inclusive, supportive community for all. AutismUp offers valuable educational resources, delivers direct programming, and provides essential support services to families. With a daily impact on thousands of families in the Greater Rochester, NY area, AutismUp proudly supports over 3,700 individuals diagnosed with autism, providing immediate assistance today and hope for tomorrow.

Challenges and Objectives

The organization recognized the importance of creating a distinctive theme that would not only mark the celebratory occasion but also effectively communicate the two decades of impactful work. The primary goal was clear: to craft a theme that would serve as a visual and conceptual anchor, creating a memorable and impactful experience for everyone involved.

AutismUp sought a theme that would not only reflect the gravity of their 20-year journey but also inspire a sense of pride, recognition, and engagement among participants, families, staff, and donors. In essence, the challenge lay in showcasing two decades of impactful work into a theme that would stand out and resonate with the varied audience touched by AutismUp’s mission.

How The Services Helped

Whale’s collaboration with AutismUp helped to address the organization’s need for a standout 20th-anniversary theme. The theme “Good as Gold,” selected by AutismUp for their 20th-anniversary celebration, not only embodies the festive spirit but also carries a unique significance. We incorporated a new gold color into the logo, drawing inspiration from gold’s representation as “Au” in the periodic table of elements. This dual symbolism not only adds a special meaning to the commemorative year but also aligns with the organization’s name, AU for AutismUp.

Whale’s services went beyond the logo, extending to the creation of multiple marks tailored for various collateral and social media platforms. From appeals to donors and fundraising materials to celebratory posts, each mark was strategically designed to ensure consistent and eye-catching representation throughout the commemorative year. This comprehensive visual identity, centered around the “Good as Gold” theme, not only addresses AutismUp’s initial challenge of standing out but also provides a unifying and memorable symbol that will amplify engagement and recognition across diverse communication channels.

Benefits of an Anniversary Theme

Creating an anniversary theme allows organizations to engage stakeholders, foster unity, and enhance brand identity. A well-crafted theme provides a cohesive narrative that ties together an organization’s journey, achievements, and aspirations, offering a reflective and forward-looking celebration. It serves as a powerful communication tool, conveying values, mission, and impact in a visually compelling manner, cultivating lasting impressions and strengthening brand recall. The thematic approach also ensures consistency across communication channels, from marketing collateral to social media, creating a unified and impactful representation of the milestone.

Client Feedback

“The creative team at Whale were a welcome extension of our small non-profit marketing team. As we approach the 20th anniversary of our organization, they presented three well-crafted and thoughtful approaches to a brand refresh, design, and content to lift us up in the coming year in a novel and exciting way that accounts for our history and propels our vision for the future! Concepts and elements were presented on brand and according to our input in a timely fashion with a high level of attention and detail. We’re so grateful to White Whale for creating a thematic solution to highlight our history, extend our outreach efforts and support our mission.”

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