Crafting a Cohesive Brand for Tampa’s Innovative Startup: Idle VR


Idle VR





Executive Summary

Whale was thrilled to support the development of the Idle VR brand and contribute to a small local business. Our involvement included shaping the brand tone and voice, creating the color palette, and designing the logo. We also assisted in designing essential assets, such as business cards and the wrap for the mobile trailer. You may have seen “The Zen Den” driving around Tampa or at your local market.

Client Overview

Idle VR is the first mobile Virtual Reality (VR) massage and meditation studio – their own unique concept that is “The Future of Relaxation”. The “Zen Den” is a hip, calming space equipped with top-of-the-line massage chairs and cutting-edge VR headsets with noise-canceling headphones to provide clients with a completely immersive relaxation experience. Idle VR’s clients can visit tropical beaches, secluded waterfalls, underwater reefs, or even the moon, while they get an awesome, full-body, zero-gravity massage. There are personal lockers with quick phone chargers, so their clients will leave their service completely recharged.


Our primary objective was to initiate the branding journey for the Idle VR team, helping them establish a strong market presence. We aimed to create a cohesive visual brand identity and develop a distinct tone of voice that accurately reflects their vision. Additionally, we provided strategic feedback to enhance the overall customer experience, ensuring that every interaction with the brand resonates with their target audience.


From the start, our strategy involved close collaboration with the Idle VR team to fully embody their vision for customer perception. We meticulously worked through revisions and feedback to perfect all requested deliverables. The Whale team had the opportunity to demo the VR massage chairs, allowing us to fully understand the customer experience during meditation sessions. This hands-on understanding significantly informed our strategic recommendations.

By developing a cohesive brand, we aimed to increase awareness and recognition in the market. Ensuring all touchpoints were aligned with Idle VR’s identity not only fostered trust and reliability but also enhanced brand visibility, making it easier for potential customers to identify and connect with the brand.

Whale Deliverables

1. Business name and tagline development
2. Logo creation
3. Style guide creation, including color palette and fonts
4. Trailer name development (“The Zen Den”)
5. Trailer wrap design
6. Business cards and digital stationery design and development

Benefits of a Cohesive Brand

A unified brand ensures a consistent and recognizable presence, building trust and reliability with both current and potential customers. This trust drives loyalty and enhances perceived value.

Clear and consistent messaging across all touchpoints helps convey the company’s values and mission, fostering credibility, recognition, and lasting positive impressions, which are crucial for success and growth.