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Generator Campaign with Digital On-Demand



Fact Sheet Overview

Elevate your utility offerings and strengthen customer relationships with our Generator Campaign with Digital On-Demand initiative. Designed exclusively for utility companies, this campaign empowers you to promote generators to your customer base effectively. We identify and engage the right audience, ensuring your customers are aware of the benefits of embracing generators, from increased energy resilience to potential rebates. Our unique Digital On-Demand feature allows you to efficiently manage campaigns, turning them on or off as needed, especially during critical periods like storm seasons. Whether your focus is on boosting efficiency, achieving cost savings, or responding adeptly to energy challenges, our tailored campaign is poised to drive meaningful results for both your utility and your customers.

Discover the key insights and strategies to elevate your customer experience initiatives with our comprehensive fact sheet. Inside, you’ll uncover:


Discover an overview of the diverse objectives we’ve successfully helped our clients achieve over the years. From generator adoption to enhancing energy resilience, our expertise has consistently driven impactful outcomes.

Strategy & Use Cases

Unlock Whale’s innovative approach to crafting data-driven integrated marketing campaigns tailored to specific objectives along with the ability to turn digital components on and off based on peak demand seasons.

Sample Results

Discover how our campaigns have delivered measurable results, driving awareness and leads for our clients.

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