Fact Sheet: Non-Heat, Idle, and Cap & Cut


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Non-Heat Conversion, Idle Conversion and Cap & Cut



Fact Sheet Overview

Leverage your current insights and customer base with our Non-Heat and Idle conversion-focused campaigns and Cap & Cut efforts. Whether your focus is on reigniting interest in idle gas lines, helping you avoid penalties for dormant connections or adding burner tips to current customer households, we are here to help. By leveraging advanced data analytics, we pinpoint the perfect audience for a seamless and efficient gas reawakening tailored to your unique needs.

Discover the key insights and strategies to elevate your customer experience initiatives with our comprehensive fact sheet. Inside, you’ll uncover:


Discover an overview of the diverse objectives we’ve successfully helped our clients achieve over the years. From conversion activation to penalty mitigation, our expertise has consistently driven impactful outcomes.

Strategy & Use Cases

Unlock Whale’s innovative approach to crafting data-driven integrated marketing campaigns tailored to specific objectives. 

Sample Results

Discover how our campaigns have delivered measurable results, driving conversion, awareness, and efficiency for our clients.

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