Perfectly Packaged: Custom Box Production in the BioTech Industry


Reliant Glycosciences


Product Packaging



Executive Summary

Reliant Glycosciences partnered with Whale to design and produce a fully customized package and insert for their GalD Assay, geared toward research labs and research facilities. The collaboration aimed to create a recognizable, professional, and sleek packaging solution to stand out in the competitive biotech industry. The goal was to create brand recognition for the assay itself and the company.

Client Overview

Reliant Glycosciences is a startup biotechnology company headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. Specializing in diagnostic and prognostic assays for patients with IgA nephropathy, the company provides research and testing services. They are currently transitioning to the launch of their first product in 2024.

Client Objectives

1. Develop a professional and sleek packaging design comparable to other standard assays that also looks distinct for brand recognition.
2. Create a custom insert for reagent bottles to ensure secure placement and prevent damage during shipping.

Whale Strategy

• Leveraging Reliant’s blue color scheme and iconography, Whale crafted a dynamic design that prominently featured the company’s brand.
• The design aimed for a clean, professional, and creative feel to differentiate it from similar testing kits in the market.

• Samples of The GalD Assay kit bottles were provided for sizing and scoring the custom inserts, ensuring a snug fit to prevent movement during shipping.
• The outer box utilized a glossy, interlocking, 24pt cardboard stock, balancing aesthetics and functionality to represent and protect the assay effectively.

Whale Deliverables

Whale provided comprehensive services, including consultation, design, and full production of the GalD Assay Kit. Two creative design concepts were presented, incorporating various elements of the Reliant brand and multiple physical prototypes of the box and insert were provided as the design was adjusted.

Success and Results

The fully produced GalD Assay packaging has been successfully delivered to Reliant Glycosciences and Reliant Glycosciences will be launching the “kit” product in 2024 for research use only. The packaging solution effectively meets the client’s objectives of professionalism, recognition, and secure shipping.


Brand Recognition

Secure Shipping

Future Plans

Reliant Glycosciences has plans to release The GalD Assay and second assay which measures blood levels of the IgG antibody. For this phase, a matching box will be designed with alternate colors to enhance brand recognition while maintaining a distinct identity. The collaboration between Whale and Reliant will continue as the company receives feedback from customers. While future versions of the packaging may change, the distinct look and design will remain to maintain brand recognition. Also, from the success of this project, Reliant continues to work with Whale on other projects that will raise their profile in the evolving biotech landscape.