Philadelphia Gas Works

Data + Design = Success + Savings

It’s an unfortunate industry fact: most clients see their agencies as big, black holes into which they are constantly shoveling money.

But Philadelphia Gas Works isn’t one of those clients — because White Whale isn’t one of those agencies. And here’s why:

First, we’re die-hard data huggers, and we’re not ashamed. We dig data. We’d roll around in data if we could. Because it helps us do our jobs bigger, better, stronger, and faster. Data points us in the right direction, helps us hit our target, and, as a result, saves our clients money.

That’s right: it saves our clients money. Think about it: you can randomly shovel money into multiple black holes and maybe one of them will produce some results. Or, you can use data to funnel much less money into very carefully selected, well-lit super-productive pinholes. Just makes sense, right?

And it’s not just a theory. Truth is, we un- shoveled about $300K for our client Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) by using data to select target audiences. Yes, you read right: $300,000. Let that sink in for a moment.

Okay, so add smart design to the mix and voila — even more super-duper success and saving.