Powering Success: Atlanta Gas Light’s Journey to Drive Traffic and Secure Leads for Generac Generators


Atlanta Gas Light (AGL)


Generac Generators



Executive Summary

Over the last two years, Atlanta Gas Light has forged a strategic alliance with Whale to elevate awareness, drive traffic, and generate leads for their Generac Generator Campaign. The focus of this case study centers specifically on the impactful outcomes achieved during the 2023 campaign.

Client Overview

Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) is a venerable provider of natural gas delivery services, catering to over 1.7 million customers in Georgia. With roots tracing back to its establishment in 1856, AGL proudly stands as one of the oldest corporations in the state. As the largest natural gas distribution utility in the Southeast, AGL operates within Georgia’s deregulated natural gas market. Unlike selling directly to customers, the company focuses on the operation and maintenance of the essential infrastructure responsible for delivering gas to customers of certified natural gas marketers.

Campaign Objectives

The objective of this campaign was to drive traffic to the landing page to increase generator awareness and sales.

Whale Strategy

In response to regulatory laws and limited customer data, our approach involved leveraging zip codes and interests to target prospects. The strategy focused on highlighting the benefits of purchasing a generator while enticing potential customers with appealing incentives. 

A comprehensive digital advertising campaign was executed across multiple channels to promote the advantages of owning a Generac Generator. Despite restrictions on directly targeting AGL customers, we strategically aimed at prospective households in Georgia, utilizing a combination of zip codes, city radius, keywords, and retargeting pixels. The tactical execution included Google Responsive Display Ads, Google Retargeting Ads, Google Search Ads, Facebook Display Ads, Facebook Retargeting Ads, and Bing Search Ads, ensuring a diversified and impactful presence in our targeted audiences’ online spaces.

Whale Deliverables

Strategy Development: Creation of digital channel and targeting strategy, timeline & budget.

Creation of Digital Ads: These ads were created for Google, Facebook, and Bing and were targeted using zip codes, city radius, keywords, and retargeting pixels.

Campaign Launch & Execution: Placement and launch of ads and overall media management throughout the campaign. Ads ran throughout hurricane season due to the prevalence of the weather and the geographical impact hurricanes can have on the prospective customers in GA. Keeping Generac Generators top of mind during this time was imperative to the campaign’s success.

Tracking & Optimization: Compilation of tracking metrics and ongoing channel and media budget optimizations to ensure campaign success.

Success and Results

From this 4.5-month campaign, AGL experienced a notable 184 leads.

Over 3,000,000

impressions across Google, Bing and Facebook

48% increase in leads


72.46% of the time

our ads showed at the top of Google Search, while competing against companies like Amazon and Lowes

Future Plans & Optimizations

Based on the outcomes of the 2023 campaign, for 2024 the plan is to to adopt a streamlined digital approach. Specifically, focusing on allocating resources towards high-intent digital tactics, with a focus on Search and Facebook, as these channels yielded the most leads during the 2023 campaign. Additionally, we advise capitalizing on existing relationships with Contractors and Marketers within the territory. In collaboration with them, a tailored marketing package could be designed to effectively promote Generac Generators within the home builder space and to the customers of Georgia Marketers.

Whale also plans to extend the campaign into other markets where customer data is more available and less restricted. In those markets, a targeted strategy is recommended, employing not only digital but additional one-to-one tactics such as email and direct mail. These personalized approaches are identified as effective means to directly convey messaging to consumers, ensuring impactful engagement in those specific markets.