Cultivating Success: How an Intuitive Digital Strategy Drove Lead Generation for a Biopharmaceutical College


Stack Family Center for Biopharmaceutical Education and Training (CBET)


Lead Generation



Executive Summary

In a strategic digital ad campaign led by Whale, a biopharmaceutical college harnessed the power of multiple online platforms, including Google Display, Google Search, Facebook Display, and LinkedIn Display, to drive exceptional lead generation results. By deploying targeted ads across these diverse platforms, the college successfully engaged a wide and relevant audience, including prospective students, professionals, and researchers interested in biopharmaceutical education. Moreover, the incorporation of retargeting efforts on Facebook and Google significantly bolstered the campaign’s effectiveness, ensuring consistent engagement with potential leads at different stages of their decision-making process. This comprehensive approach not only maximized lead generation but also positioned the biopharmaceutical college as a premier institution for aspiring biopharma professionals and scholars.

Client Overview

The Stack Family Center for Biopharmaceutical Education and Training (CBET) is a renowned institution dedicated to advancing education and professional development within the biopharmaceutical industry. Founded with a commitment to excellence and innovation, CBET aspires to establish itself as a leader in the field of biopharmaceutical education. The center offers a wide range of programs and resources, including state-of-the-art laboratories, industry partnerships, and expert faculty, to equip students and professionals with the knowledge and skills needed for success in this dynamic sector. With a strong emphasis on research, industry relevance, and hands-on training, CBET plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of biopharmaceutical education and training.

Campaign Objectives
  1. Enhance recognition of their establishment
  2. Boost website traffic
  3. Raise enrollments in their industry training programs
  4. Generate inquiries about their contract research services
Campaign Challenges

As a brand-new entrant in the competitive landscape of biopharmaceutical education, The Stack Family Center for Biopharmaceutical Education and Training (CBET) faced several daunting challenges. One of the foremost hurdles was the need to swiftly raise brand awareness in an industry dominated by well-established institutions with longstanding reputations. With many large cities housing Biotech hub spots, CBET needed to find effective ways to distinguish itself from the competition and convey its unique value proposition to its target audience. This required a multifaceted approach that went beyond traditional marketing methods.

Generating high-quality leads was another critical challenge for CBET. In an environment where prospective students and professionals often have numerous options for biopharmaceutical education, CBET had to create strategies to attract and engage potential learners effectively. This entailed understanding the distinct needs and motivations of their target audience and tailoring their marketing efforts to resonate with them. The competition in the biopharmaceutical education sector is strong, and CBET had to find innovative and cost-effective ways to generate leads to stay competitive and ensure a steady stream of qualified applicants. In facing these challenges, CBET partnered with White Whale Solutions to develop a strategic use of paid digital advertising which played a pivotal role in rapidly addressing both its brand awareness and lead generation needs.

Whale Strategy

The collaboration between The Stack Family Center for Biopharmaceutical Education and Training (CBET) and Whale was a strategic move aimed at swiftly establishing CBET’s presence in the competitive biopharmaceutical education arena. Recognizing the need for a robust marketing strategy, the partnership deployed an omnichannel paid marketing campaign that encompassed multiple platforms to address both brand awareness and lead generation. The campaign spanned Google Display, Google Search, Facebook Display, and LinkedIn Display, covering a wide digital landscape where their target audience congregated.

The inclusion of retargeting efforts on Facebook and Google demonstrated a keen understanding of the importance of nurturing potential leads at various stages of the decision-making process. This comprehensive approach allowed CBET to stay top-of-mind for prospective students and professionals, ensuring consistent engagement. As a result, the campaign not only increased brand awareness but also yielded a substantial number of high-quality leads. This successful outcome emphasized the significance of diversifying paid digital ad tactics to find what truly works for a specific campaign. The ability to adapt to the preferences and behaviors of the target audience across multiple channels played a pivotal role in CBET’s ability to compete effectively in the biopharmaceutical education sector.


Over 540,125 Impressions

Reached Over 150,000 People

Drove Over 4,500 New Users to the Website

952.63% Increase in Website Traffic

Future Plans

In the upcoming phases of their partnership, White Whale Solutions aims to further strengthen The Stack Family Center for Biopharmaceutical Education and Training’s (CBET) digital presence and brand consistency. While CBET has already made significant strides in increasing brand awareness and lead generation through their successful paid digital advertising campaign, the focus will now shift toward organic digital marketing efforts.

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