Strategic Insights, Demographic Precision, and Tiered Engagement: A Data-Driven Revolution for Carbon Offset Participation


Energy Corporation


Carbon Offset



Executive Summary

In pursuit of a deeper understanding of customer engagement within their Carbon Offset Program, the client, a Midwest energy corporation, sought insights into the demographic landscape of potential participants and their likelihood to enroll in different program tiers.

Whale, tasked with this objective, conducted a comprehensive customer profile analysis. Leveraging existing data from the client’s Carbon Offset Program enrollees, we dissected the characteristics of current participants in the program. Armed with the insights gleaned from this analysis, we meticulously crafted profiles for each enrollment level. Subsequently, we employed a scoring system to evaluate the non-enrollee customers, pinpointing those most inclined to enroll in specific tiers within the Carbon Offset Program. This strategic approach aimed to optimize program participation and foster a more targeted marketing approach.

Client Overview

This case study is about an energy corporation that is engaged in the development and management of energy-related businesses and services nationwide. The utility’s operational divisions encompass an electric company catering to about 2 million customers and a natural gas company serving 1 million customers. Beyond utilities, their portfolio extends to non-utility enterprises specializing in industrial energy services, renewable natural gas, and energy marketing and trading.

Campaign Objectives

The client sought to gain insights into customer segments with the greatest likelihood to participate in their Carbon Offset Program and to identify those inclined to enroll in the more advanced program tiers.

Whale Strategy & Solution

Whale’s strategic approach for this data analysis encompassed four key stages, each contributing to a comprehensive understanding and optimization of the Carbon Offset Program enrollees and non-enrollees:

1. Database Analysis:
Conducted a thorough examination of the existing database to extract valuable insights, ensuring a foundational understanding of the data landscape and its nuances.

2. Demographic Append:
Employed advanced demographic append techniques to delve into the characteristics and traits of the current program customers. This step aimed to enrich our understanding of the customer base, providing a comprehensive view of their profiles.

3. Profile Development and Scoring Analytics:
Implemented a sophisticated profiling methodology, leveraging the demographic insights gained, to construct detailed customer profiles for each enrollment level. The subsequent application of scoring analytics allowed for the identification of non-enrollee customers most likely to participate in specific Carbon Offset Program tiers. This strategic scoring process will facilitate targeted engagement, ensuring a tailored approach to encourage higher program enrollment.

4. Upgrade Propensity Scoring for Current Enrollees:
Employed advanced scoring mechanisms to assess the existing Carbon Offset Program enrollees, identifying individuals with a higher likelihood of upgrading to a more advanced tier. This step aimed to proactively target and engage with customers who exhibited potential for increased program commitment, ensuring strategic efforts were directed toward maximizing participation levels and program benefits.

Whale Deliverables

Our campaign yielded the following key deliverables, empowering our client with targeted and strategic marketing tools:

Tiered Non-Enrollee Database:
A database categorizing non-enrollee customers into tiers, providing a foundational resource for integrated targeted marketing efforts. This database enables precise and tailored outreach strategies to encourage enrollment across different program levels.

Tiered Current-Enrollee Upgrade Database:
A database identifying current enrollees and categorizing them based on upgrade potential. This resource serves as a strategic tool for integrated targeted marketing efforts, allowing focused campaigns to encourage existing participants to elevate their engagement levels within the Carbon Offset Program.

Targeted Marketing Strategy:
A comprehensive strategy designed to leverage the insights from both non-enrollee and current-enrollee databases. This targeted marketing approach is tailored to maximize the effectiveness of outreach efforts, ensuring a nuanced and personalized engagement with customers at different stages of the Carbon Offset Program.

Success and Results

Detailed understanding of what current enrollees "look" like

allowing for tailored marketing efforts

Tiered marketing databases

to be used in integrated cross-channel efforts to increase enrollments and entice upselling

Leading to increased participation

for the Carbon Offset Program

Future Plans & Optimizations

Our forthcoming initiatives involve the proactive implementation of our refined marketing strategy, aimed at catalyzing program enrollment and aiding our client in achieving their goals.