Transforming Community Impact Through Creativity: Cheers for Charity


The Broadrick Family Foundation


Cheers for Charity Event Invitation Suite



Executive Summary

Whale collaborated with the Broadrick Family Foundation on their annual event, Cheers for Charity. Over the past few years, Whale has helped the Broadrick Family Foundation create unique theme ideas and design the save-the-date and invitation for their annual event. Each design was crafted to be high-quality and unique, ensuring an upscale presentation that would attract donors and help raise millions of dollars at their annual event.

Client Overview

Established in 2010, the Broadrick Family Foundation primarily supports local charities dedicated to serving children and those in need within our community. They have facilitated raising millions of dollars for these organizations by connecting them with generous benefactors and actively collaborating to aid more children. Through personal donations alone, they proudly fund initiatives such as matching at-risk children with mentors, supporting children’s cancer research, providing glasses to underprivileged youth, funding scholarships, and creating opportunities for children to engage with the arts.


Our primary objective each year is twofold: to infuse the Broadrick Family Foundation’s annual event, Cheers for Charity, with a memorable theme that resonates with attendees, and to facilitate significant fundraising efforts. By meticulously conceptualizing and executing themes that capture the essence of their mission, we aim to engage donors and attendees on a deeper level, driving increased participation and donations.


Developing a close partnership with the Broadrick Family Foundation allows Whale to integrate seamlessly into their non-profit endeavors. We pride ourselves on being an extension of their team, adopting a collaborative mindset to craft deliverables for their annual event. Our approach involves not only designing but also assisting the client in developing a timeline and adhering to critical deadlines, ensuring a streamlined process from start to finish. By aligning closely with their vision and objectives, we were able to enhance the impact of each creative asset produced and increase effectiveness year after year.


1. Timeline Development

2. Theme and Mood Board Development

3. Save-the-Date Announcement Design

4. Invitation Design

5. Print Production & Fulfillment

Click image above to view the invitation flipbook
Click image above to view the invitation flipbook
Click image above to view the invitation flipbook
Click image above to view the invitation flipbook

Through our partnership with the Broadrick Family Foundation on the Cheers for Charity event, we contributed to their mission of community impact through creative execution. By leveraging creativity and attention to detail into every step of our design process, we’ve helped the Foundation attract and engage donors effectively. This collaboration underscores our commitment to leveraging design as a powerful tool for philanthropy, empowering nonprofits to amplify their message and achieve greater fundraising success.