Katie Lofgren

VP of Account Operations

Email: katie@whitewhalesolutions.com

About Katie

Katie’s journey began with her graduation from Ithaca College in 2014. She quickly made her mark in the marketing world, starting as a brand manager for a natural food manufacturer. Her exceptional contributions led to a rapid promotion to marketing manager within a year. In this role, she spearheaded the company’s marketing initiatives across 2,000 retail locations nationwide, showcasing her versatile skillset across digital ad execution, public relations, branding, and more.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Katie furthered her education by pursuing an MBA at The University of Tampa, where she concentrated in business analytics. In May 2020, she graduated with an advanced understanding of data analysis, adding an extra layer of expertise to her already impressive arsenal.

Katie’s path of continuous growth and accomplishment led her to White Whale in June 2020, where she embarked on her role as an Account Manager. Her dedication and strategic mindset propelled her upward within the organization, culminating in her current role as VP of Account Operations. With a broad oversight spanning leadership, processes, human resources, and internal operations, Katie is the driving force that ensures Whale runs seamlessly and effectively. Her unmatched organizational prowess, combined with her keen communication skills, empowers her to create and execute successful strategic plans. Always exceeding expectations, Katie goes above and beyond for Whales’ clients and team.

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