Keith Slone

Director of Data Strategy


About Keith

Keith is an experienced data scientist with a passion for leveraging data-driven insights to optimize financial operations and drive business growth. With a deep understanding of statistics, data analytics and programming, Keith is dedicated to creating robust and efficient data processes that enable organizations to make informed decisions and improve overall financial performance. Keith holds a Master’s degree in Statistics from the University of Kentucky. Keith has amassed over 25 years of professional experience in the field of data analytics. He began his career as a data modeler for Wachovia Bank, where he honed his skills in data preprocessing, cleaning, exploratory analysis and predictive analytics. Since then he has held positions as the Director of Analytical Modeling for John H Harland Consulting Service, Analytical Modeling Manager for SunTrust Bank, and Manager of Measurement and Optimization for Hancock Whitney Bank. Keith has been a partner/owner in consulting firms for more than 15 years providing statistical modeling and data visualization for gas, insurance and telecommunication industries in addition to financial services.

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