Linwood Butler

Account and Sales Director


About Linwood

Meet Linwood Butler, a dedicated member of our team at White Whale Solutions. Linwood is a University of Tampa alumni, where he graduated with a major in Advertising and Public Relations in 2018. He started his journey as an Account Director with Whale in January 2022.

With a strong passion for melding creative solutions with marketing strategies, Linwood consistently strives to bring out the best in those he collaborates with. Throughout his career, he has harnessed his exceptional communication skills to work closely with both large and small companies, helping them achieve their marketing goals.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Linwood channels his creative spirit into various hobbies during his free time. He dabbles in photography, UX/UI design, web development, and an array of other creative pursuits, showcasing a well-rounded and imaginative approach to both work and life. Linwood is a valuable asset to our team, combining his expertise with a love for creativity to drive success for our clients.

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