The Importance of UX Design

The Importance of UX Design

User experience design is important because it aims to eliminate any problems or frustrations a person may experience while interacting with a product or service. UX design puts the human at the front of the design thinking process and helps fulfill the user’s needs. This design thinking process is used from apps, websites, all the way to how parks and lines are designed at amusement parks. Here are some key steps in the UX design process:

User Personas

First, you will want to know your audience. This allows you to develop experiences that relate to the voice and emotions of your users. Having these personas will give you a great tool in remembering who you’re designing for and why. You must always design with your users in mind, not for yourself.

User Interviews

Interview existing and potential users of the product or service to gain insight into what would be the most effective design for this specific audience. Actually talking to people that are interested in the product being designed will give you a lot of insight into what needs and goals they may have for this product.

User Flow Map

A map is a clearly organized hierarchy of all the pages and subpages within your product. Creating this map makes it easier to imagine how a user will get from point A to point B on your product.


This provides a skeletal framework of a product and provides a preview of your product’s look and feel. It is important to spend time here to see the visual look of your product.


A prototype is a clickable mockup version of your final product, which is then used for user testing before a product launch. This will give a rough draft of your final product to see how the flow and feel are.

Usability Testing

This is a way of testing how easy it is to use a product by testing it with real people in order to identify any errors or friction they might face when interacting with it. This is important as this is a great time to detect any problems before the product is finalized.

  As products are designed, it’s important to think of the people that would be interacting with them and what these people’s motivations and goals are. This aids in creating a better design system and the experience that the users will have while participating. Creating relevant, meaningful, and inclusive designs will allow easier and happier life for your users.