Visual Branding: Why it is Important

Visual Branding: Why it is Important

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of brands such as Apple, Mcdonald’s, Nike, and even White Whale? Maybe you think of the bright green whale tail, the golden arches, or the signature Nike swoop. These companies have all created strong visual branding methods. Visual branding is one of the most important aspects of creating a successful business. Visual branding includes everything from logos and colors to shapes and fonts.


Here at Whale, we love creating stunning brand visuals for our clients. We focus on creating all things visual that represent your brand’s personality and values. Visual branding is the best tool your brand can use to earn the trust of your customers, gain repeat sales or clients, and create a memorable experience for all who interact with your brand. 


Creating a strong visual brand is just one step in the branding process. Having a strong brand strategy is key in leading to effective visual messaging. Once you have considered the best brand strategy to convey your personality and reach your ideal clients, the visuals will only make your overarching brand strategy that much stronger. Your visual identity is how customers will view your brand, so it is important to put strategy and care into the branding process.


Here are a few ways to make your visual branding strong and attention-grabbing:


  Make your brand memorable: The visual aspects of your brand are the first thing that customers will notice. Find the colors, fonts, and images that are simple and easy to recognize, but still represent your brand’s personality in a fun and exciting way!

  Make your brand attractive: Enticing brand visuals will draw customers in and make them curious to learn more about you. Once their interest is peaked, your visuals will guide them to exactly where you want them to go.

  Make your brand consistent: Consistent visuals will earn your customer’s trust and loyalty. Your customers will be able to recognize your products anywhere, and chose to buy them since they know their shopping experience will be simple and familiar.


The Nike swoop, the bitten apple, the green whale. These are all strong and familiar visuals that bring you back to the products and services you know and love time and time again – and that people associate with your brand. Brand visuals are your most powerful asset, aside from your actual product. Once you lock down your signature visuals, your brand will be set up for success.


Want to find out more about how your visual branding can be improved? You know where to find us.