Why Bing Ads Deserve Your Attention

Advertising across multiple platforms- or cross-platform marketing- is an important tool when growing brand credibility and increasing visibility. However, knowing the right platform to expand to can be confusing if you don’t know where to start. While Bing might not be the first platform that comes to mind when you think of digital channels that you can advertise on, it might be the perfect addition to your digital strategy to reach new and unique customers. This search engine has the benefit of being the platform that backs up Alexa, Cortana, and Microsoft Office- all products that are used by millions of consumers daily. Further, the audience is generally more mature, affluent, and educated than audiences of other search engines such as Google. Learn more about Bing and its unique audiences, product integrations, and ad types to see if this might be the right platform for your campaign!


In March of 2019, almost half of the United States ran a search powered by Bing every month – that is 126 million unique users performing 6 billion searches. While some of these searches may not be loyal to only Bing, Bing boasts 100 million daily active users in 2023. But who are these users? Bing’s audience averages 45 years old. 50% of their users have a college education, 46% are more likely to be married, and a third of their users have a household income over $100k.  With Bing, you have the potential to reach more of these customers due to less competition. Since there are fewer advertisers on Bing than Google, generally, advertisements have a higher clickthrough rate, and eventually, a better return on investment. Further, Bing allows you to create your target audience through demographics including age, gender, and location. At a granular level, Bing allows you to run ads at a specific time in different time zones- regardless of your location.

Product Integration

Everyday business apps such as Microsoft Office, Outlook, Word, Excel, and Teams all are integrated with Bing as their supportive search engine. Reaching over 1.2 billion users without even trying. If you have ever used the search bar or clicked on a keyword to search within a Word document or email, you have used Bing!  Alexa, Cortana, and Facebook Portal are all common voice assistants that can be used in your home, from your computer, or from your phone. Cortana, the glowing circle on a Windows taskbar, uses Bing to help answer any questions that are typed into the bar or asked verbally.  On an even larger scale, Alexa is put into over 100 million households to help control lights, play music, and answer questions. Where does she get those answers? Bing! Next time you ask Alexa what the weather is, you can thank Bing for telling her that is going to rain. (Don’t forget your umbrella!) Microsoft Advertising has a unique advantage over other platforms due to the dozens of search engines that are partnered with Bing. Sites like Yahoo!, AOL, and MSN are partially powered by Bing, giving advertisers the advantage of having an ad served across multiple engines through one platform.

Ad Types

Bing offers multiple ways to market on their platform. Their ad types include text, dynamic search ads, product, audience, app install, and responsive ad searches. Depending on your product type, target audience, and budget any of these channels might be the place to start with your new ads.  One of the most popular options, the dynamic search ad, is an expanded Text Ad that is automatically targeted at relevant searches based on what is shown on the website. That means that when you search for “pizza” your first result is likely a pizza place where you can order a hot pizza, rather than a definition.  Want to do more than just a search ad? Bing offers a Responsive Search Ads that allows you to make more ads with less guesswork. By providing 15 headlines and 4 descriptions, Bing automatically designs the best ad to help you generate the best leads. Bing offers a wide range of ads and targeting options, allowing you to tailor your campaign precisely to your specific audience demographics and preferences. Depending on your needs, you might want to use all these cool ad types, or maybe just one or two. Your campaign is fully customizable to you.

Why Bing Ads Deserve Your Attention

While Bing might not be ranked the first search engine in the world, it has a significant audience that is worth your time. With over 100 million users, the support of multiple products, and various ad types, Bing is a platform worth including in your digital marketing plan to help you reach your potential new customers. Whale wants to help you reach those customers with compelling creative messaging that is suitable for any platform here!